'84' is 84 days

84 days is twelve weeks. Those twelve weeks are a mix of workshops hosted by guest artists and weeks that are focused on developing one’s own praxis through experimentation, conversation and reflection.
You stay and live at the school for the duration of the program.


The LungA School is an entity staging its own existence. It is the form given to an attempt to live our way into some answers that cannot be found in any other way than by the passing of time, the unfolding of events and the thoughtful consideration and contemplation upon it all.

Or rather: it is the form given to a way of living with the questions.

The program '84' moves through different stages. These are characterized by a difference in language, a difference in content and a difference in focus, but also by a similarity which allows for several cycles to occur during the program and several opportunities to revisit an idea or a medium in order to experience the changes in perception that occurs over time.

The stages occur chronologically, but are overlapping and seamlessly woven together so that the journey through them becomes one continous movement. We exist and explore in the space between clarity and madness. And you are most welcome to join.

How to apply

The application process consist of both an application form and a Skype conversation. After filling out the application form you will be invited for a conversation shortly after. There is limited spots at each program and we go by the principle of 'first come, first served'. If you apply after the program is full, you will be offered a spot on the waiting list and/or at the next program.

WINTER/SPRING 2019 Program details


January 6th 2019—March 30th 2019


Seyðisfjörður, Iceland


Food and accommodation = 230.000 ISK
School and workshop fees = 315.000 ISK
Total cost = 545.000 ISK

Apply HERE